Artist statement

I am artist living in Helsinki, Finland. I was born and lived in the countryside and nature is strongly in my paintings. I simplify, clarify and give powerful colors to the landscapes which I see in my mind.


There are lot's of symbolism in my art; people change into plants and feelings change into colors.

I always had difficulties to get my voice out and produce long speech. I think questions through in my mind and when I say things out loud I have removed everything that is not relevant for me. Same happens with my paintings but there I have need to show things powerful so that painting is shouting out to stop and look at it. Colors are my voice.

I use powerful and bright colors and strong contrast of colors. It interests me how colors have a conversation and how they fight with each other and trying to get their own place on canvas.

I paint mostly with oil colors and my painting technique is expressive and abstract although there are also figurative elements.


I hope that everyone can see their own moments of life or different emotional states with my art as I do.